About us

Architecture and Design Studio ARCHIQUAD was founded in October 2010 in Tashkent city. Since then, we have been offering our customers a wide range of services in the field of architectural design, conceptual and interior design, urban planning and construction.

Over the years, our team has completed more than a hundred individual projects. Our clients and partners are both local and foreign companies, which most of them are well-known.

It should be noted that our team consisting of young and talented specialists, which has theoretical and practical foreign experience of countries such as the USA, South Korea, Singapore, France, England and other leading countries in the field of architecture and construction.

By ordering a project from us, you will not only achieve an excellent result, but also guaranteed to get a lot of pleasure from working with creative team.

Our services

Architectural design - this service includes the development of detailed project, consisting of architectural and construction sections, MEP engineering and cost calculations. Project approvement is carried out by us and is included in the total cost of the service.

Conceptual design - this service is aimed at creating investment projects for presentation in the relevant authorities in order to obtain a land plot, credit or other loan. This service has become the most popular due to the improvement of the investment climate and the growth of construction in our country.

Interior design - in addition to the visualized decoration of your interior, this service includes the development of floor plan solution with the placement of furniture, equipment, plumbing and electrical appliances. For the full implementation of the idea, we advise our customers to order a turnkey design service.